In the 2018-2019 academic year, GSU ​​continued to effectively implement the “Syunik Spiritual and Material Heritage” program funded by the HH Science Committee which aims to use the scientific potential of GSU to study and present to the public the historical and cultural heritage of Syunik. Some research and publishing work has been done within the framework of the program. Recently, “Armenology. The next issue of “Syunik” magazine (2019, No. 1 (13), which includes the articles of the program’s researchers, as well as the articles of the lecturers teaching at the University, one review. The Chairman of the Editorial Board is A. Ghukasyan S. Hakhverdyan, Editor-in-Chief of the Program, Associate Professor of Historiography. The members of the Editorial Board are PG.D. Mkrtchyan, PGD, Associate Professor T. Hayrapetyan, PGD, Associate Professor T. Marutyan, PGD S. Manucharyan.

The journal includes the following Armenological studies: “Observations on the Founding Protocols of the Founding Melik of Goris” by Mets Melik-Ohan and his son Bagri (PGD, Professor George Stepanyan), “History of Goris Architecture” (Associate Professor) Sergey Hakhverdyan), “Sero Khanzadyan and the Artsakh Movement” (PGD, Associate Professor Tehmina Marutyan), “Zangezur Military Forces 1920 The Heroic Battle of March ”(PGD  Professor H. Ghorgyan),“ From the History of the Khndzoresk Ecclesiastical-Parish School ”(Grisha Harutyunyan),“ Episodes from the Activities of Aspa, Tarsayich Orbelyan’s Daughter ”(Gayane Shabunts),“ Goris Region,Monumental monuments of III-I millennia and their ritual significance ”(Nonna Alaverdyan),“ Syunik. History and Memory ”book“ A New Page, Source, History of Armenia, particularly Syunik History, Public and Political Relations ”(ethnographer Hranush Kharatyan, review).

From a scientific-academic point of view, the Syunik Spiritual and Material Heritage program is the only one at the university that, with the funding of the Science Committee, conducts valuable research on the spiritual and cultural heritage of Syunik. As part of the preparation of the publication, the collection of materials of the “Bakuntsian Readings” republican conference, organized on June 14, 2019 within the framework of the program, is dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Axel Bakunts.

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