GSU Rector Artush Goukasyan’s Message

Dear university students, respectable colleagues, and compatriots, another year has come to the end saturated with extensive work, overcoming some realities conditioned by the imperative of time however with painful and harsh lessons for our homeland. Still, at the beginning of the year being involved in the emergency situation due to the global disaster covid-19 epidemic and also challenges directed towards the educational field, Goris State University took steps towards the investment of the online educational process. Due to GSU colleagues’ consistent work and great efforts we could relieve the outage of the educational process, provide continuity of teaching and enough level for training, for what we are grateful to our academic and administrative staff, the students having a high consciousness who also promoted the uninterrupted realization of the educational process by the rapid self-organization.
During the current year, Goris State University had great and irreversible losses, such appreciative people of the university as well-deserved professors, doctors of science Razmik Vrdanyan, Ashot Martirosyan,  Kim Aghabekyan, Hamlet Gevorgyan passed away prematurely. Their contribution is undeniable in the case of the development and creation of GSU.
2020 was a painful year for Artsakh, our sovereign free, independent, and ancient Motherland. For 44 days long Armenian people had the hardest struggle against Azerbaijani-Turkish aggressors and their attempts of genocide, as a result, we lost the great part of The Republic of Artsakh had numerous victims a great number of Armenian young fellows lost without a trace or captured as hostages. The war changed our lives, it made us rethink our steps, refracted our will to stand up and move ahead, reevaluate our perspective which makes new risks and dictates new priorities. Due to the military situation in the Republic, GSU academic and administrative staff, also the students worked together directly for almost a month, combining the maintenance of continuity of education and voluntary activities both on the battlefield and in the rear. Unfortunately, we also had victims and hostages among the students and the graduates. We had students, who fought bravely on the battlefield and they are our brag, hope, and faith.
Respectable compatriots, let’s accept with great responsibility that we have an obligation before our history and thousands of our canonized heroes, so let’s see off the year 2020 expecting for the renaissance of the Armenian people, recovery, and totality of Artsakh with love, solidarity, belief in welfare and willingness for working and creating our Motherland. Providing high-quality education is the question of the day, as ever, so let’s realize our mission with double dedication.
Peace for all of us, strength to overcome the strikes of 2020, courage to our soldiers standing on the border, and all patriots who protect and prosper our homeland.
We are always with Artsakh and we will do our best for the sake of freedom and prosperity of our united Motherland.
Good working year to all of us.

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