The Rector of GSU Artush Ghukasyan ‘s message on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Artsakh Republic

Dear compatriots, I congratulate all of us with special love and warmth on the occasion of this pan-Armenian holiday, the anniversary of Proclamation of the Independence of the Artsakh Republic.
29 years ago, Artsakh chose the fixed path of being free, sovereign and today with great determination passes that honorable path, thanks to fair desire and noble aspirations of our compatriots living in Artsakh , Armenia and Spyurk.
We remember and highlight those patriot figures, devotees with great pride and gratitude, who created the sovereignty of Artsakh, formed the basis of its state-building, to live and create in their own country with the right of agenda to upgrade Artsakh . Atsakh is a bright manifestation of patriotic incitement of Armenians, the dream born of our kindest hopes and the bright centre of victorious creations, the love and faith of the Armenians. At all times , we must resolutely overcome all the difficulties and move forward , always keep those prominent names high who have their own deposit in defence and development of the security of the Artsakh Republic , to continue their work to restore the distorted historical justice with an inviolable will.
Dear President of the Artsakh Republic , please accept my and the whole staff of GSU congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of this important national holiday . We are always by Artsakh , ready to promote to the development and prosperity of the preservation of generations of the second Republic of Armenia with scientific-educational potential.

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