Dear lecturers, students, representatives of the field of education.Congratulations on Knowledge Day and the start of a new academic year. In recent months, due to the epidemic situation, the normal course of life and work of all of us has changed, however, each academic year is memorable and unique. It is binding on all of us, because the success of education reform depends on the honest, efficient and hard work of each of us.I am full of hope that the achievements of Syunik Mother School will be continuous due to your quality and hard work, principles and inexhaustible dedication.I am convinced that we will overcome all obstacles due to the general situation of our students, if we create a reliable educational environment, a high level of education.Dear freshman, I especially congratulate you, because the holiday is full of you. Thank you for finding the continuation of your education in our university, a university that really has all the prerequisites to give you the professional knowledge, skills and abilities that will help you become a qualified and in-demand specialist, first fill the labor market of the region, the primary needs of the spheres.I wish you unforgettable academic years, an unexpected quarter, great self-effort and responsibility, so that the quality of education does not suffer. The university is by your side, ready to give the maximum.Have a good academic year.

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