The Student Council of GSU elected a new chairman

In 2020  on February 20 in the conference hall of Goris State University was the first session of the Student Council of the  year, on the agenda was the issue of electing the chairman of the Student Council. The issue of electing a new chairman  and presidency was on the agenda both for the main student body and for university,since it has been a year that the Student Council of Goris State University has not been implementing the powers defined by the charter of the University and the regulations of the Student Council of the University. According to clause 4.3.1 of the regulations of the Student Council of Goris State University (The powers of the members of the board may be terminated prematurely by the decision of the presidency, to be regularly absent from the meetings, to avoid the work of the Council, not to make the decisions, in case of non-fulfillment of the responsibilities of the student defined by the University Charter) the members of the Student Council of the University decided to terminate the previous chairman and the powers of the presidency  and to organize a new election.
The members of the session nominated one candidate from each of the three faculties of GSU
Saida Ohanjanyan, a second-year student of “Law” specialty,  Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences ,Grigor Mashuryan a  third-year student of “Electronics” specialty, Faculty of Engineering and Economics and Sona Arzumanyan a second- year student of “Fine Arts” specialty, Faculty of Natural Sciences ,who presented their visions for the development of the Student Council before the voting, , they also answered the students’ questions on the effective organization of students’ daily life, the activation of students’ participation in university processes, and the establishment of cooperative relations with student organizations of other universities.
Grigor Mashuryan, a third-year student of Electronics, was elected Chairman of the Student Council by the results of the closed secret ballot ,vice chairwoman Saida Ohanjanyan a second- year student of “Law” specialty.
At the suggestion of the newly elected chairman,Ani Mirakyan a first-year student majoring in English Language and Literature, was elected as a secretary of the Student Council.

At the end of the session , the chairman of the Student Council thanked the students for their trust, promising to invest their abilities in the further achievements and successes of the structure. He also noted that the Student Council of Goris State University should make efforts in the near future to form inter-university and international student cooperation.

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