“Academic Autonomy as a Guarantee of Quality Education” online workshop at GSU

On July 6, an online workshop was held within the framework of the “Academic Autonomy as a Guarantee of Quality Education” program implemented by the students of Goris State University (GSU) under the auspices of the Jinishian Memorial Foundation (JMF), during which the results of the research work dedicated to the university’s academic autonomy started in February of this year were summarized. GSU staff and students, as well as experts from the “Education and Activity” Foundation participated in the workshop. Goris coordinator of the JMF “Civil Dialogue and Practical Steps for Change” project, a specialist and a lecturer at the Department of External Relations and Cooperation of GSU, Sona Alaverdyan made a welcoming speech at the workshop and valued the organization of such a representative event in Goris on the interconnection between the quality of higher education and academic autonomy. Presenting the goal and agenda of the workshop, Sona Alaverdyan at the same time emphasized: “Today’s workshop is, in fact, the summary of a long working process and today we will hear reports on the result of months of research, after which all this will be generalized and published in a separate booklet. Arkadi Hovhannisyan, Legal Adviser of GSU and lecturer at the Chair of History and Law (Academic Freedom and Autonomy) and Aram Musakhanyan, Director of the “Education and Activity” Foundation (Ways to develop professional education) made introductory speeches at the opening of the workshop, and in the second part of the meeting, GSU student Mari Shirinyan and Meline Hakobyan presented their reports (“Survey of Goris Higher Education Representatives and Concerned Sides perceptions of Academic Autonomy”), Srbuhi Ohanjanyan (“Goris Higher Education Copartners’ Perceptions of Academic Autonomy according to ECA Standards”), and Meri Grigoryan (Recent Trends and Challenges of Academic Autonomy).
As a result of the discussion at the workshop, a number of questions and problems were raised, followed by an exchange of ideas.

Jinishian Memorial Foundation

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