Students Council

Founded on 25 October 2002 (founding President: T. Vandunts), GSU Student Council is a representative, self-governed and the highest elected body representing the social interests of students. It is a non-political and non-partisan organization that expresses and protects students’ interests promoting their educational, research, physical and moral development.

GSU Student Council aims to protect the rights and interests of students, increase the social role and civic engagement, and promote spiritual and creative development.

GSU Student Council is one of the best regional student organizations in the country. Since its foundation, GSU Student Council has been active not only among university students but also among the youth of Goris working on a range of initiatives and programs. In 2004 it was awarded the “Haykyan” prize and was considered the best regional student organization in the country.

GSU Student Council cooperates with various students, youth organizations, NGOs and foundations (Youth Foundation of Armenia, “Jinishian” Memorial Foundation, Armenian National Students’ Association, etc.).

The Regulation on Student Council is published in the official website of the University under the heading “Documents”.

Currently, the president of the Student Council is Monika Zifugharyan.
Tel: (374 94) 11-45-76