The Chair of Philology, History, and Law

In September 2020, the Chair of Philology, History, and Law was established at Goris State University on the basis of the Chairs of Armenian Language and Literature and History and Law.

The chair is multi-disciplinary, offering three majors with a two-level educational program: bachelor’s and master’s degrees, with existing and part-time educational forms in Armenian Language and Literature, History, and Law. In the establishment of these specialties, both the staff of the chair and the scientists, including the late Professor K. Aghabekyan, Ph.D., Professor A. Margaryan, Ph.D., Associate Professor N. Hovsepyan, Ph.D., Professor G. Grigoryan, Ph.D., Associate Professor H. Gevorgyan, Associate Professor S. Hakhverdyan, and other distinguished scientists of blessed memory, played invaluable roles.

The chair collaborates with various scientific and educational centers of Armenia and Artsakh, organizing scientific seminars, open lectures, and producing various scientific and methodical works, monographs, etc.

Adjacent to the chair are classrooms named after A. Margaryan and S. Orbelyan.

The head of the newly created chair is Ph.D., Associate Professor Lusine Nersisyan.