Reading Room

The book fund of the reading room is 692 units, which are classified according to specialties. The literature of the reading room is not given out, it consists of one copy of books and dictionary-references. As part of the modernization of library services, the reading room is equipped with computers with Internet access, digitizing devices. A video projector and an electronic whiteboard are installed. WiFi connection is available. The created comfortable conditions allow the reader to work on the spot. Distance and combined courses are frequently organized in the reading room.

The existing modern technology of the reading room makes it possible to make the digitization works more effective, has promoted cooperation with the university subdivisions (according to the demand presented by the Chairs), the required literature is being digitized. Mainly, textbooks of Armenian Language and Literature, Pedagogy and Psychology, Economics, History, English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Physics, Electronics have been digitized. The reading room actively participated in the digitization of documents during the re-accreditation process of the university. Digitization works are continuous. Digitization of methodological manuals published by the university is underway. Digitized literature is delivered on demand to readers’ email addresses within one working day. 489 units of books are entered in the operating computer network.