Chair of Biology, Chemistry and Engineering

The Chair of Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering at GSU was established in 2023 through a decision by the GSU Scientific Board, consolidating the previously existing Chairs of Biology and Chemistry, along with the Technical Sciences sector. Originally founded in 1997 as the Chair of Biology and Chemistry, the inaugural head of the department was Professor R. L. Vardanyan, who led it from 1997 to 2002.

From 2002 to 2008, Professor E. G. Baghdasaryan served as the chair’s head. In 2008, the department was split into separate Biology and Chemistry chairs. The Chair of Biology was led by Associate Professor H. S. Safaryan, while the Chair of Chemistry was helmed by Associate Professor L. R. Vardanyan. In 2012, these chairs were reintegrated under the leadership of Candidate of Biological Sciences and Associate Professor H. S. Safaryan. Since 2018, Doctor L. R. Vardanyan, a Candidate of Chemical Sciences, has taken the reins.

The department boasts a highly qualified teaching staff with practical expertise. Among the core faculty members (comprising 9 individuals), one holds a doctorate, five are candidates and associate professors, one is an assistant professor, and two serve as lecturers. The teaching staff covers a spectrum of expertise. The Chair also actively contributes to other educational programs offered by the university, notably the courses “First Aid and Child Health Basics” and “Emergency Situations and Civil Defense Basics.”

The Chair of Biology and Chemistry maintains two educational facilities and one research laboratory, where both laboratory-based practical work and scientific research projects are conducted. These efforts primarily focus on investigating the antioxidant and antiradical properties of decoctions derived from medicinal plants.

The Chair of Biology and Chemistry plays a pivotal role in the bachelor’s degree programs in “Biology,” “Pharmaceutical Chemistry,” and “Chemistry,” as well as the master’s degree programs in “Biology” and “Chemistry.”

Furthermore, the Chair of Biology and Chemistry at GSU collaborates closely with the Institute of Chemical Physics, A. B. Nalbandyan, Yerevan State University, and regional educational institutions.