Faculty of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Economics

The Faculty of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Economics is a dedicated unit for scientific and educational activities. It offers advanced professional education across a spectrum of specializations, including “Biology,” “Chemistry,” “Pharmaceutical Chemistry,” “Physics,” “Mathematics,” “Informatics and Applied Mathematics,” “Electronics,” “Electrical Engineering,” “Economics,” “Management,” “Tourism Management,” and “Enterprise Economics.” Within this wide array of offerings, the faculty provides both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, accommodating students in both full-time and part-time study modes.

The faculty has a rich history, evolving from the Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering, which was originally established in September 2020. Subsequently, it underwent reorganization on August 31, 2022, under the directive of the GSU Rector, adopting the name Faculty of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Economics.

Key infrastructural units within the faculty include the following chairs: Biology, Chemistry and Engineering, Mathematics and Physics, Economics and Management, along with educational laboratories for Biology and Chemistry, Physics, Power Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, and a Physical Chemistry Research Laboratory. Additionally, there are two well-equipped computer classrooms to support students’ learning experiences.

The faculty boasts a dedicated team of more than 30 professors, including esteemed doctors of sciences, associate professors, and candidates of sciences. These educators are committed to providing high-quality education and guidance to students. Currently, the faculty serves an academic community of approximately 400 students.


Contact Information:

Dean: Lilit Atabekyan, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor

Email: lili.atabekyan@gmail.com

Phone: (+374 77) 75-57-33

  • Chair of Mathematics and Physics
  • Chair of Economics and Management