Faculty of Natural Sciences

The faculty was founded in 1967. The admission of students for BA education is carried out in “Mathematics”, “Biology”, “Physics”, “Pharmacological Chemistry”, “Fine Arts” (full-time), “Chemistry”, “Pharmaceutical Chemistry”, “Biology”, “Physics”, “Mathematics” (part-time), for MA education in “Mathematics” (full-time),” Chemistry ” (part-time).

The faculty has 2 chairs and 1 sector:

  • Mathematics and Informatics,

  • Biology and Chemistry,

  • Sector of Physics.

The faculty prepares specialists in the fields of mathematics, chemistry, biology, pharmacological chemistry, and physics.

The faculty has 1 computer center, the laboratory of chemistry, the laboratory of biology, the laboratory of Physics.

Dean of Faculty

Lilit Atabekyan, PhD in Chemistry, Associate Professor

Tel: (+37498) 19 67 03