Training Course and Steering Group Meeting in Germany within Erasmus+SAH Project

On January 30 to February 3, 2022, a five-day training course and steering group meeting were held at the RWTH Aachen University, within the Erasmus + SAH project with the participation of the representatives of the institutions of the Project partner universities from the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Armenia. From GSU the meeting was attended by Naira Safaryan, head of the Department of ERC, project coordinator, and Siranush Poghosyan, Associate Professor of the Chair of Economics and Management.

The five-day course was quite informative and effective. Professional specialists and university professors presented many topics and lectures related to the study, restoration and preservation of architectural heritage to the participants of the seminar. The topics are as follows:

  • Historiographic Approaches to urban analysis
  • Urban Ethnographic Approaches
  • The Cultural Landscape Approach and the UNESCO World Heritage Management System
  • Managing Heritage Site: the Tool of Heritage Impact Assessments
  • Heritage-led Urban development. German examples and debates
  • Heritage and regional development. Insights from the ongoing transformation of the open cast mining Rheinisches Revier, Germany
  • Drones and Laser Scanning
  • Digital Visualization
  • BIM Building Information Modelling based tools & technologies toward fast and efficient RENovation of residential
  • Digital and classical methods of landscape research
  • “Big.Beautiful.Buildings”
  • Residential Heritage – Values and Challenges of Preservation
  • Modern Large Housing Estates: Trajectories of change
  • Large Housing Estates in Germany: Recent challenges and future perspectives

On January 31, there was also a meeting of the project management board, during which the project coordinator Massimiliano D’Innocenzo presented the progress of the project, a number of financial and technical issues, and what to do next. A decision was made to form international student groups from the students of the project’s partner universities to work on research projects. For those groups, a two-week summer school will be organized at L’Aquila University, during which students will carry out practical work in the framework of research projects while participating in the courses. It was also planned to hold a workshop in April 2023 at GSU, during which the topics of the research will be clarified.

The steering group thought that it would also be a good occasion for the opening ceremony of the Center of Sustainability for Architectural Heritage of GSU. The project coordinator said that they are going to apply to the European Education and Culture Executive Agency to extend the duration of the project to six months.

In parallel with the training courses, guided visits to the historical and cultural monuments were also implemented.

The seminar materials will be provided to project partner universities for the further development of academic modules and courses.

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