Exploring Armenian Studies and Cultural Heritage: The Erasmus+ Training Week at Goris State University

Recently, a meeting, organized with Dr. Prof. Jasmine Dum-Tragut, Head of the Chair of Armenian Studies of the Center of Eastern Christian Studies of the Salzburg University, took place at Goris State University as part of the Erasmus+ international credit mobility program. The meeting gathered university professors and students to engage in fruitful discussions.

During the four-day meetings, J. Dum-Tragut presented the University of Salzburg’s activities in the field of Armenology and its research programs focusing on the history and culture of Syunik. Topics covered included the Armenian prisoners of war in Syunik, World War I experiences in Austro-Hungarian camps, 17th-century Syunik nunneries, and abandoned villages of Syunik. The lectures were followed by interactive question-and-answer sessions, sparking discussions on collaborative research opportunities in Armenian studies, cultural studies, and interdisciplinary fields.

Following the lectures, participants had the opportunity to explore the rich historical and cultural heritage of Goris through organized visits to various sites. These included the Geological Museum of Goris, Aksel Bakunts House-Museum, Sero Khanzadyan’s House-Museum, Verishen and Goris village. These visits provided Mrs. Dum-Tragut and others with firsthand experience of the subject matter that is of great importance to modern Armenian studies in terms of scientific research and education.


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