The internship at Goris State University is carried out according to the programs developed by professional chairs.
In line with the GSU undergraduate programs, two types of professional internships are organized – educational and industrial.
During the internship, students reinforce their knowledge based on a study of the activities of enterprises and organizations where the internship is conducted.
The relevant professional chairs form an educational internship program, the types, and terms of which are determined by the curricula, according to the relevant specialties and courses.
The educational internship is arranged based on signed agreements between the GSU and the institutions, enterprises, organizations where the internship will take place. Management and administration of internships are done by the relevant professional chairs.
In the course of pedagogical internship students conduct teaching activities, work with consulting specialists, including Pedagogues, Psychologists, and Methodists, learn to overcome conflict situations, raise learning difficulties, act as a consultant for pupils helping them in the determination of their future professional orientation, as well as working as an Assisting Teacher, Class Teacher, organizing extracurricular and out-of-school educational activities, teaching and making assessments. Internships aim to develop students’ professional competences. This type of internship has a cognitive, educational, methodological and experiential purpose.
MA students have three types of professional internships- scientific-pedagogical, scientific-research and industrial. During the internship, students become a part of and get familiarized with the academic staff of the professional Chair of the educational institution, the course department, the laboratory activities, practical methods of arranging the learning processes, the relevant Chair or course delivery and learning processes, content and structure of documents, classes of the given course, as well as perform class hearings, hold class hearing journals, participate in course analysis, seminars, scientific conferences, take notes, compile an internship portfolio, and teach in various undergraduate groups.
One of the ways of organizing an industrial internship is drugstore practice. This type of internship at GSU is carried out by the specialty of Pharmacological Chemistry.
The pharmacological industrial internship includes an introduction to the structure, workshops of enterprise, the structures, and activities of the laboratories, produced medicines, their quality control methods, their labeling and packaging, the pharmacy’s industrial areas (instructions on safety rules, customer service ethics, sanitation and hygiene measures), as well as the knowledge and skills of the principles of automated equipment and production lines’ operation. The purpose of the internship is to familiarize the students of the specialty of Pharmacological Chemistry with the pharmacological industrial enterprise’s structure, operation and safety rules, products, technologies, types of packaging, ways of quality control, consumption, and disposal practices of expired medications, as well as preparation technologies for solid, liquid, soft and aseptic medications according to the prescription, preservation of pharmacy products, shelf-life control of medicines, accounting, methods of acceptance and dispensing of prescription drugs and quality control of drugs, drug classes and their placement in the pharmacy.
BA and MA students’ (full-time and part-time) professional internships are mainly organized and held in the following institutions – enterprises and organizations:

  • Goris N1 high school
  • Goris N2 basic school
  • Goris N3 basic school
  • Goris N4 high school
  • Goris N5 basic school
  • Goris N6 basic school
  • Goris State Agricultural College after Professor Kh. Yeritsyan
  • Armentel, Goris, RA
  • “High Voltage Electrical Networks” CJSC
  • Goris Medical Center CJSC
  • Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Justice of RA
  • Goris Notary Office of the Ministry of Justice of RA
  • Grigor Tatevatsi Advocatory Service LLC
  • Department of Law of Goris Municipality
  • Goris Department of Civilian Registrar’s Offices
  • “Ani Baghdagulyan” PE
  • Goris Regional Pedagogical and Psychological Support Center
  • “Yerevan Chemical-Pharmaceutical Firm” OJSC
  • “Chanshin Tekhnakh” LLC
  • “AugmentAr” CJSC
  • “Ardshinbank” CJSC
  • “Development Center of Goris” NGO
  • “Farm-Elena” LLC
  • ContourGlobal Hydro Cascade” CJSC