General Information

The GSU library was founded in 1967 with a collection of 1,000 pieces of literature. Now the library stock is 41,624 units, which includes scientific, educational, fictional literature and periodicals presented in Armenian, Russian and other languages. The fund is replenished mainly through purchases and donations.

he library of GSU conducts its activities in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Armenia on library work and information and the charter of the university.

The library occupies 5 bookcases, has one specialized reading room at its disposal. It operates as an open system, serving the university’s student body, GSU staff and citizens. All literature is classified by library bibliographic classification /LBC/.

With its services, the library supports students’ studies by providing them with professional books, collections, magazines, e-books. The library receives 2 periodicals.

Since 2005, the library of GSU has been a member of Armenian Library Association, and uses its rich funds both by donation and by interlibrary subscription. The library is one of the important links of the university and provides the educational process with literature and promotes research activities. The main tasks are the literary and information service of the GSU reading group in line with the university requirements and standards of modern librarianship, the continuous formation and replenishment of the library funds, the organization of the reference-bibliographic apparatus (cardboard), etc. The library carries out professional compilation and preservation of printed books, press publications. Modern libraries are information bearers and disseminators. That is why the role and importance of libraries has increased in recent years. The availability of electronic information and the connection of information technologies make it necessary to follow the path of fundamental reforms.

With its services, the library supports students’ learning by providing them with professional books, collections, magazines, e-books. 400 units of books have been entered into the computer network operating in the library, the works of entering professionally necessary literature are in progress and electronic directories of the registered literature are being prepared.

In 2016 – 2017 GSU was a partner in Erasmus+ LNSS “Library Network Support Services: modernization of libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus through the development of library staff and reform of library services” project, within the framework of which the reading room was completely renovated and furnished, comfortable conditions were created for students. In order to provide electronic information, there is a computer network connected to the Internet in the library reading room.

According to decision No. 2 of the session of the Scientific Council on October 14, 2016, a consultative body adjacent to the Rector of GSU, the Library Council, was established. The purpose of the council is to support the strategic and technical development of the library, to ensure the mutual connection and cooperation of the library and educational units.

The library cooperates with Goris City Library and the National Library of Armenia. Within the framework of the cooperation with the National Library of Armenia, a report on library saturation is presented every year. The missing literature in the library’s funds can be honored with an interlibrary subscription from the National Library of the Republic of Armenia, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia.

The 2020 indicators of library saturation are published in the “Libraries of Armenia” series.


Work hours

Library               900-1630 Monday-Friday

Reading Room   900-1700 Monday-Friday