GSU Library has been a member of the Armenian Library Association since 2005, and uses its rich funds, both as a donation and as an interlibrary loan. In the 2015-2016 academic year, the GSU Library has expanded its activities, guided by the RA Laws on library services and information and Charter of the University. The library has a scientific and educational function in its functions, including library development, fundraising, book development and preservation, providing information and professional literature to library users. The library is one of the most important links of the university, which provides the educational process with literature, promotes scientific research. The main issues are the literary-informational service of the GSU readers according to the requirements of the university and modern librarianship, the continuous formation and replenishment of library book fund, the organization of catalogs, etc. The library compiles and maintains print books and press publications. The library possesses 68.956 books. The library has five book depositories and one reading room. Every year the library fund is replenished with modern literature, various information materials. The library receives 3 magazines. There are 400 books in the electronic database operating in the library. In the frames of Erasmus+ LNSS project the computers, multifunction printer, scanning device, the smart board purchased for library reading room. The reading room is fully furnished with modern technical means and serves its purpose. A computer network is connected to the Internet in the reading room to provide electronic information. On October 14, 2016, according to # 382 decision adopted by the Academic Council, an advisory body, Library Council, attached to the Rector of GSU was established. The Council aims to support the strategic and technical development of the library and to ensure the interconnection and cooperation of the library and educational subdivisions.