Scientific Board

The Academic Council of Goris State University is a governance body that solves the issues of the organization, planning, and management of educational-methodical, scientific-research activities of the University.

  1. The Academic Council approves its regulations,

  2. Upon the Rector’s recommendation decides to create, reorganize, dissolve faculties, chairs and other structural subdivisions;

  3. Approves the regulations of the structural subdivisions;

  4. Discusses and approves academic programs, sets fees according to the professions;

  5. Discusses the main and prospective directions of scientific activities, hears the scientific reports on the results of the most important scientific-research and scientific-methodological work carried out at the University;

  6. Makes decisions on nominating candidates to be awarded honorable titles, rewards, nominal scholarships, the GSU order and medal, republican and international awards and titles;

  7. Confirms the procedures of the elections of deans of the faculties, heads of the chairs and the academic staff;

  8. Represents proposals to the authorized body about the main directions of GSU activity as well as the implementation of the academic programs with new specialties in compliance with the spheres, objectives and tasks of GSU activity;

  9. Represents proposals about the drafts of annual estimate of GSU incomes and expenses to the rector;

  10. Discusses issues concerning the important events of social, political, educational, academic and cultural life of the Republic, makes announcements if necessary;

  11. Implements other competencies authorized by the RA legislation and this charter.

The total number of the members of GSU Academic Council cannot exceed 35, at least 35 percent of which is elected members. According to the regulations of the Academic Council, the rector (the chairperson of the Academic Council), the deputy rectors, the academic secretary (the secretary of the Academic Council), the GSU chief accountant, the head of the trade union, the lawyer, the heads of the faculties, departments and other structural subdivisions, as well as the elected members are officially engaged in the Academic Council. 25 percent of the members of GSU Academic Council are students, whose nominations are proposed by the Students’ Council of the respective status, the elections are held by GSU Students’ Council. The status, competencies and activities of the commissions are determined by GSU Academic Council. The period of competence of GSU Academic Council is 5 years.

The Academic Council has three standing committees:

  1. Coordination of regulatory and structural changes,

  2. Competition, educationalmethodological and scientific problems,

  3. International cooperation, academic programs and education quality.

The duties of the commissions are to study, prepare and submit recommendations on the issues in their areas of regulations to the Academic Council.