Faculty of Economics and Engineering

The faculty has been re-organized in 2016, and it is the legal successor of the faculties of Engineering (founded in 1996) and Economics (founded in 2009).

In the Faculty of Economics and Engineering, the admission of students for BA full-time and part-time education is carried out in “Management and Economics of Enterprises”, “Electronics”, “Electrical Energy” (part-time), “Management” (full-time), for MA part-time education in “Tourism Management” (full-time), “Economics of Enterprises” (part-time).

The faculty has 2 chairs

  • Electronics and Electrical Energy,

  • Economics and Management.

The faculty prepares specialists in the fields of management and economics of enterprises, electronics, and electrical energy.

The faculty has 1 computer center, the laboratory of electronics, the laboratory of the electrical energy, the GIS lab.

Dean of Faculty

Margarita Arustamyan, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor